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Peregrine Rehab

Peregrine RehabilitationAdams Falconry Service

One of our goals at Adam’s Falconry Service is to give back to the birds we love so much. We do this by working in conjunction with Avian Veterinarians by conditioning injured Peregrines in preparation for their release back to the wild.

Bert - Passage Peregrine

Bert (14-219)

Bert had an injury to the right elbow area. He is now one year old and has entered the free flight program to be evaluated for release. He currently can only stay airborne for about two minutes. He is now being used for educational purposes.


Ernie - Passage Peregrine

Ernie (14-192)

Ernie had a fracture to the left metacarpals. He was released back to the wild. Prior to release he was able to catch wild pigeons which was the sign we were looking for to ensure a successful reurn to the wild.